Parc Botannia Condo Sing Development at Fernvale Road

Parc Botannia, it’s a modern and new development which is leased for 99 years is build by Sing Development . The building is located in Sengkang and the Fernvale areas which are near Jalan Kayu. This building was constructed under the supervision of Sing development and Hur development companies. The building occupies 17,196 square meters of land and it’s located near to Thanggam LRT station. This building provides and also gives amenities to the residents of the area. Many developers are looking for mass-market condominiums to develop and Parc Botannia Sing Development represents a timely investment opportunity for these developers. Buyers are also looking for mass-market condominiums as it is more affordable compared Orchard city condominiums. Parc Botannia is set to launch soon a row in October 2017.This project is set to launch of the high Park residences, which is also located near to Thanggam LRT Station.

Parc Botannia Sing Development at Fernvale

Some factors influence the site of this building; the location can also be described through the use of some places. The building is located at a place called Sengkang and the Fernvale areas. These regions are near Jalan Kayu. The building address is Fernvale road, district D28. Nan Chiau high school can also be used to describe the location of the place. The school is located in Sengkang which is a short drive away from Parc Botannia. The developer for the plot of land is Sing Development. Generally freehold condominiums are less attractive now as compared to leasehold developments with the reason that leasehold developments are cheaper compared to freehold developments.

Parc Botannia Condo at Anchorvale Lane

Parc Botannia Condo location and where it is established is much essential for the building success and market opportunities. For example, Parc Botannia Wee Hur DevelopmentMall is centrally situated, and to the right, this is in the heart of Sengkang and Fernvale. This development is much located in an area where it serves as the source of food that is the dinning hub for the residents of SengKang. There is also available to the Parc Botannia developers that are the Sing development, this is located in near Sengkang Riverside Park. This is a place whereby one can stroll and also move with the family just for leisure activities. The building is also located in an area whereby one can enjoy the sport and the recreational facilities for those who love sports and the indoor pool lovers. There is also the location of the Thanggam LRT station situated near to this building.

Parc Botannia Condo Sengkang Sports and Recreation Centre

Based on the site and the preliminary site plan of the building, the Sing developers who are the building designers are seen to come up with some facilities for the residents. These services will offer the engagement of the residents during their leisure activities. These include the development of the fully conditioned air room, the full sized swimming pool which is preferred for the inhabitants and then there will be a development of a barbeques pits which will be available for family outdoor dining services. This is the primary purpose which makes the building to be more than extra ordinary and to get higher bids in the market.