Jurong Twin Vew High Speed Railway Terminus

China Construction Development Co. was the highest bidder on the tender for the leasehold development Twin Vew Near Jurong High Speed Railway Terminus, minutes away from the Jurong Lake District at the West Coast Wale, Singapore, with the bid of 292 million dollars. They got residential development rights on this land, besides eight other bidders.

Site area covers 16378 square meters with approximately price of 1200$ per condo. It is the last real estate that Government sold in 2016, wanted to secure the land for the residential area.

Jurong Twin Vew High Speed Railway Terminus

The area itself is on the great location. Everything essential like schools and shopping malls are located nearby like Jem Mall and Big Box. Jurong Central Business District will definitely attract buyers of the condos and businessmen since it is just 5 minutes’ drive away from the plot. Singapore high speed railway terminus is also, very close to the Twin Vew West Coast Vale, which makes easier travelling to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. People who decide to live here will be true cosmopolitans, like the ones who live in Manhattan. MRT stations will be at your fingertips (Clementi, Jurong East).

Twin Vew Jurong East High Speed Railway Terminus

Jurong East and Clementi region have many educational institutions – Qifa Primary School, Tangling Secondary School, Nan Hua Primary School, and Japanese Secondary School and as well many kindergartens for the preschool children. Twin Vew China Construction Development is a great choice for living for the parents and students. Also, river view from the Twin Vew Condo can help you decide when you go to tour before buying a condo. Fitness corner is just across the river, Pandan Gardens for the one who loves to run and relax in the park.

Twin Vew Jurong

There are many employment opportunities around in this area since the Jurong District is the new big business center in Singpore. Many developers and investor are interested in this part of the town which means a huge industrial development in the close future. Very important for the business is the fact that this part has very good and fast links to the other parts of Singapore and Malaysia as well, so you can go to the weekend somewhere away from the job.