Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Past Awards

Dr T Chandroo

Dr T Chandroo

Chairma / CEO
Modern Montessori International

72 South Bridge Rd, #01-00
Singapore 058702
Tel: +65 6220 8200

Awards Won:

  • Outstanding Entrepreneur Award 2010

As the founder and the current chairman/CEO of the Modern Montessori International (MMI) group, the largest Montessori franchise in the world with revenue of more than $20 million per annum, Dr T Chandroo's success story embodies the vision, the courage and the grit of a true entrepreneur. Quoting his own words, "The willingness to try anything and the belief that he would succeed eventually" - are the key factors of his success.

At the helm of the MMI group, Dr Chandroo sets the direction of its local and international expansions. He oversees key corporate functions including finance, HR and marketing. He is the guardian that ensures the continuation of the MMI corporate culture, which is synonymous with hard work, integrity and respect.

Started humbly with a one-room training centre in 1989, MMI transcends the Asia-Pacific region today, operating close to a 100 pre-schools and training colleges in 14 countries worldwide. MMI has also garnered numerous accreditations, including SQC, SQC-PEO, ISO 9001:2008, Singapore Franchise Mark and the recent Enhanced Registration from the Council of Private Education.

Looking forward, Dr Chandroo has laid down the foundation and blueprint for future success. MMI's extensive research and development facilities spearhead future trends. Its programmes have already been trademarked and fully licensed in many countries. It is envisaged that once MMI fully realises its potential in 10 years, it will dominate the pre-school industry across the Asia-Pacific region.

When asked about his secrets of success, Dr Chandroo replied: "First, never fear failure. Second, the price of success is hard work and third, it all begins with a small idea. Conceptualise it and build on it."

Despite his busy schedule, Dr Chandroo has attained two doctorate degrees - a Doctorate in Business Administration from Southern Cross University (NSW Australia) and a PhD from Preston University from Wyoming (USA). In addition, he has a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree from the University of East London (UK) and is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK.

As Dr Chandroo's fortune grew, so did his philanthropic inclinations, as he has donated considerable funds to various causes over the years and spent many of his valuable hours doing community work. He shared, "The most rewarding part of my successful endeavour is that I have earned the means to help the others."