Juniper Hill Condo Location Bukit Timah Ewe Boon Road

Juniper Hill is a freehold residential property strategically located at the center of Bukit Timah by a famous property developer in Singapore Allgreen Properties. The residency is among the top rated residential properties in Bukit Timah. Its demand is increasingly hiking due to its position in a prime area at the center of wide range amenities making it an ideal living place.

Juniper Hill is equipped with modern and quality facilities giving the owners mind-blowing entertainment nonstop. In fact, there are also penthouses to accommodate big families. Some of the facilities are a modern swimming pool, spacious conference facility, children playground, parking lot, fitness center, clubhouse, guardhouse just naming a few.

Shopping Centers Established Near Juniper Hill

Juniper Hill Ewe Boon Road sits at the center of popular and highly rated shopping centers in Singapore. The residents enjoy shopping conveniently at highly stocked stores with the availability of everything they need in their everyday lives. These centers comprise all types of tenants offering products at affordable prices meters away from the residency. Among these shopping centers are Bukit Timah Plaza, Bukit Timah Shopping center, Beauty world plaza, Balmoral Plaza among others.

Juniper Hill Condo Near to Bukit Timah

Juniper Hill Allgreen Properties residence is easily accessed in various ways. The transport network within Bukit Timah has been developed excellently making it easy to enter and leave. There are various buses plying the route as well as Stevens MRT station which has streamlined the travel. Juniper Hill sits meters away from elite schools in Singapore. There is a wide range of highly ranked schools located meters away from Juniper Hill. This allows the parents to wisely choose the appropriate school for their kids to get an education.

Juniper Hill Strategic Location

Due to their strategic locations, children are the lucky ones. Children don’t have to travel long distances to school. It’s within a couple of minutes, they are in the school and concentrate on their academic activities. This has made the region produced the highly rated graduates in Singapore for consecutive years.

Juniper hill is located next to Bukit Timah Nature reserve. The reserve offer residents with a wide range of outdoor activities which leave them fully entertained. Family members and friends meet at the reserve to have fun together and create social bonds engaging in activities such as tree top walking, cycling, trailing among others. Wrapping it all, Juniper hill is the ideal living place in Bukit Timah. Stop wasting your time, go and buy a unit at Juniper Hill to experience the serene lifestyle at the heart of Bukit Timah.