8 Saint Thomas Bukit Sembawang Freehold Condo

Singapore is one of the wealthiest countries in Asia due to its visionary leaders, and real estate in the prime commercial areas like Orchard road is in limited supply as Singapore is a relatively small country. 8 Saint Thomas is a prime area development of a freehold property being controlled by Bukit Sembawang. Though it originally started as a rubber company in 1911, Bukit Sembawang diversified into real estate and has been publicly listed since 1968. The company has developed more than 4000 homes in Singapore and considers itself to be a developer of quality well designed homes.

8 Saint Thomas Bukit Sembawang Estates Singapore

8 Saint Thomas project is being developed on a plot after demolishing the existing structures. Bukit Sembawang had won the tender for Airview Towers located at St Thomas walk in central Singapore for $202.17. Bukit Sembawang Estates limited had also purchased the Chez Bright Apartments in the vicinity in 2007. Now the developer Bukit Sembawang wishes to combine the two plots into a single prime freehold plot with a floor area of 27050 square meters. The 8 Saint Thomas project consists of two blocks, with one block having 35 storeys and the other having 36 stories. The project will have more than two hundred residential units and is expected to be completely in the year 2019. 8 St Thomas Bukit Sembawang is a new development located right in the heart of Orchard as well as Great World City MRT Station. It is a freehold project located right in the heart of the city.

8 St Thomas City Living Freehold Development

One of the most unique features of the 8 Saint Thomas condo project is the location in District 9, the prime downtown area of Singapore, allowing the residents of the 8 Saint Thomas condo complex to access the best shopping, entertainment and business facilities in the city quickly. 8 Saint Thomas is located at Saint Thomas walk which is in the heart of the prime Orchard shopping area of Singapore. It is located close to the Great World City MRT station which is well connected to the rest of country and the Great World City Shopping centre. The 8 Saint Thomas condo complex is also minutes away from Robertson quay, located on Singapore River, and the largest of the three ferry wharfs in Singapore. A large number of restaurants and bars are located along Robertson quay.

8 St Thomas Singapore

The site plan for 8 Saint Thomas has been developed to provide property buyers all the facilities they may require for a luxurious resort lifestyle. For the fitness and health conscious residents and their children, a children’s playground, tennis court, indoor gym and swimming pool has been provided. Outdoor cooking facilities include a BBQ for grilling a variety of foods.

The floor plan is available for buyers interesting in purchasing a condo at 8 Saint Thomas and includes, one, two, three and four bedroom flats to suit the budget and requirement of a wide range of buyers. The condos are either facing River Valley Road or Devonshire Road. Usually most condos located at the sixth floor or above will have an unblocked view of the area.

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Rivercove Residences EC to Launch After Hundred Palms Residences

While choosing a real estate property in Anchorvale, the first name that comes out is Rivercove residences. This company is available through an official website where one can search for the details of the project including site plan and floor plan etc. This is a business oriented location where Rivercove Residences Hoi Hup Realty is providing best in class infrastructure facility. To know more in detail regarding all aspects of this company, just scroll down. Rivercove Residences is set to launch after the successful launch of High Park Residences EC by Hoi Hup Realty. Rivercove Residences is by Sunway Developments and Hoi Hup Realty.

Rivercove Residences Hoi Hup Realty Singapore

The first thing that you need to know is the details of the project in a transparent manner. The address location of this project is Anchorvale lane which comes under the Hoi Hup developers for the tenure of total 99 years. It comes in district D28 covering an area of 21,014.6 meters. There is a total number of 30 stories comprising in this location having approximately 635 units. The water front facing has made this location as an ideal place to live.

Rivercove Residences Sunway Developments

The exact location of Rivercove residences Sengkang is Fernvale which is near to well-known recreation center. From this place, transportation facilities by bus are easily accessible through 3 different areas. For shopping purpose, Seletar Mall, Fernvale point, and Compass One are also available nearby. There is no need to think about educational institutions as you can find primary, high and secondary schools altogether without traveling to a long distance. The Rivercove Residences Anchorvale lane is one of the ideal locations if you are planning to settle down with a family.

Getting complete details of the site plan is necessary to ensure that whether you are getting enough comforts for the investment cost. Talking about Rivercove, it has all amenities that a person wants for shifting to an ideal location. Facilities like gym, swimming pool, playground and barbeque place, everything is available at one place. Apart from these areas, visiting recreation centers and Sengkang Riverside Park is also a great option for those who are showing interest in this property. In short, the investor will get all luxurious life comforts at one place without looking for any other option.

Anchorvale Lane New EC After Hundred Palms Residences EC

This residency offers various floor plans according to the budget and requirement of the customer. According to the size of family, one can choose the set of three, four or five bedroom units. The Rivercove Residences EC offers you two facings to choose which are:-
· Sengkang west way
· Sengkang West Avenue.
If you are interested in this location, just fill up the form of Rivercove Residences Singapore Executive Condominium is available at the homepage of the website. Send your contact details and message for the instant revert.

Parc Botannia Condo Sing Development at Fernvale Road

Parc Botannia, it’s a modern and new development which is leased for 99 years is build by Sing Development . The building is located in Sengkang and the Fernvale areas which are near Jalan Kayu. This building was constructed under the supervision of Sing development and Hur development companies. The building occupies 17,196 square meters of land and it’s located near to Thanggam LRT station. This building provides and also gives amenities to the residents of the area. Many developers are looking for mass-market condominiums to develop and Parc Botannia Sing Development represents a timely investment opportunity for these developers. Buyers are also looking for mass-market condominiums as it is more affordable compared Orchard city condominiums. Parc Botannia is set to launch soon a row in October 2017.This project is set to launch of the high Park residences, which is also located near to Thanggam LRT Station.

Parc Botannia Sing Development at Fernvale

Some factors influence the site of this building; the location can also be described through the use of some places. The building is located at a place called Sengkang and the Fernvale areas. These regions are near Jalan Kayu. The building address is Fernvale road, district D28. Nan Chiau high school can also be used to describe the location of the place. The school is located in Sengkang which is a short drive away from Parc Botannia. The developer for the plot of land is Sing Development. Generally freehold condominiums are less attractive now as compared to leasehold developments with the reason that leasehold developments are cheaper compared to freehold developments.

Parc Botannia Condo at Anchorvale Lane

Parc Botannia Condo location and where it is established is much essential for the building success and market opportunities. For example, Parc Botannia Wee Hur DevelopmentMall is centrally situated, and to the right, this is in the heart of Sengkang and Fernvale. This development is much located in an area where it serves as the source of food that is the dinning hub for the residents of SengKang. There is also available to the Parc Botannia developers that are the Sing development, this is located in near Sengkang Riverside Park. This is a place whereby one can stroll and also move with the family just for leisure activities. The building is also located in an area whereby one can enjoy the sport and the recreational facilities for those who love sports and the indoor pool lovers. There is also the location of the Thanggam LRT station situated near to this building.

Parc Botannia Condo Sengkang Sports and Recreation Centre

Based on the site and the preliminary site plan of the building, the Sing developers who are the building designers are seen to come up with some facilities for the residents. These services will offer the engagement of the residents during their leisure activities. These include the development of the fully conditioned air room, the full sized swimming pool which is preferred for the inhabitants and then there will be a development of a barbeques pits which will be available for family outdoor dining services. This is the primary purpose which makes the building to be more than extra ordinary and to get higher bids in the market.